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临沂外国语SBS美加海外学校高一年级家长会 Parents’ Meeting

临沂外国语SBS美加海外学校高一年级家长会 Parents’ Meeting

Parents’ Meeting


  Rain nourishes all kinds of crops. This spring in April, Linyi Foreign Language School SBS international high school held a parents’ meeting.


  During this spring, Linyi Foreign Language School SBS International High School opened a new chapter. Since the beginning of the semester, our International High School has successfully held a teacher-student basketball competition, the Waterloo international mathematics competition, and a spring field trip. In these activities, students learned a lot and enjoyed the experience.


  A drizzle, moistens our heart. A true pure heart, shows all feelings .We recorded their stories with their teachers in the form of a parents' meeting.


  In the opening remarks of Principal Dave, we sincerely and warmly welcome the arrival of parents and express our thanks to the parents who have come from their busy schedule.


  In order to let parents better understand the school and students' future developmental plan, SBS Principal Sun made a detailed speech. SBS after decades of development.  Have had a number of graduate students enter International Universities.


  In addition, SBS Principle Sun also mentioned as long as our students work hard, they can enter any famous university also. Everybody can find the career that they are looking for.


  The painter's dream always shines with the light of the starry sky portrayed by Van gogh. The poet's dream is moistened by the water in the south of the Yangtze river, accompanied by the singing of birds. And our dream is to train students to become world class citizens.


  In Principle Wang's speech, he stated that the school is different from other educational institutions. This school is an educational paradise. Helps the student's behavior to development good habits and their self-management ability. In the school’s big family, we can learn from each other and create infinite development in our limited space.


  Principle Wang also stressed that parents and schools should make concerted efforts to constantly explore educational methods in line with the principle of making children progress and develop, so that children can learn self-restraint and self-management in both family and school. Let the students take the rules and regulations seriously and improve their mental outlook, and do not violate the rules. Cultivate their active thinking and continuous improvement.


  Looking back and ahead, we are full of confidence. Student management requires patience and confidence. School and home together can create a better future for students!